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Contrary to popular belief, creativity is not just an artistic endeavor but a cerebral celebration. When we engage in creative activities, we ignite a symphony of neural activity that kindles immense pleasure and fires up significant cognitive benefits.

Understanding why our brains are wired to enjoy and benefit from creative processes can transform our approach to personal and professional

With the release of Section 9, Republic Act 8370, and the Children’s Television Act of 1997 – child-friendly content standards needed to be created, defined, and implemented. All these years later it is still a work in progress – given all the developments and growth in broadcasting.

Thus Dialogue with Content Creators (DCC): Creating Child-Friendly Content was conceptualized and produced by the National Council for Children’s Television (NCCT), in partnership with The Negros Museum and Negros Season of Culture (NSC).

Empowered minds, inspired hearts.

Education is meant to expand our world view through consciousness, capabilities, sensitivities, and cultural understanding. In today’s climate, there is a new and urgent challenge to provide forms of education that engage young people with the global-economic issues of environmental well-being.

Held for the first time outside Metro Manila, they were here in Bacolod by invitation of Mayee Fabregas, Production Director, and NSC. The event proved an exclusive and unprecedented forum dedicated to crafting child-friendly content.

Featuring industry experts and resource speakers, Michelle “Mike” Rivera and Pauline “Pol” Mangilog-Saltarin – both long-standing and multi-awarded authorities in the field. Also in attendance were NCCT Executive Director III, Desideria Mance Atienza and Executive Assistant IV Office of the Governor representative Marie June P. Castro.

Individually and together, this power-packed event put together the core purposes of education – personal, cultural, economic, and social – carefully weaving and sharing a combination of types of knowledge, including concepts, processes, and methods, as well as propositional knowledge.

By focusing on basic competencies rather than required subjects in education, many others and not just children, can engage in becoming active and proactive participants. These autonomous and independent individuals are the true foundation of a better world for us all.

With their experience and expertise, Ms. Mike and Ms. Pol carefully and patiently led us through the intricate and complex world of successful television production based on their own projects and processes over the years.

These concepts and disciplines brought us to a better starting point and clearer picture of delivering successful child-friendly content according to the standards, requirements, and restrictions imposed by law.

In proposing what students should know and be able to do as a result of their education, productive and healthy dialogue was made possible among the creative content participants eager to hear what was presented.

The four purposes suggest eight core competencies that, if properly integrated into education, could equip students who leave school best prepared to engage in the economic, cultural, social, and personal challenges they are to inevitably face in their lives.

These competencies of curiosity, creativity, criticism, communication, collaboration, compassion, composure, and citizenship can be better integrated from the beginning of a student’s educational journey and nurtured throughout the learner’s life.

The thrill of creativity is not just about producing something new or aesthetically pleasing. It is meant to enhance our mental processes, improve our well-being, and open up a world of possibilities.

Fostering creativity isn’t just useful for artists or innovators – it is essential for anyone seeking to lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Our brains are designed to seek and enjoy creativity - making it a powerful tool for personal development and cognitive health.

This productive and powerful event planted super seeds for a better engaged and interactive future. We were reminded to engage in the joy of creating and watch our world transform - not just a static unmoving image but in the very rewiring of our brains.

Hopefully this transmutes us each into a better world builder in our own right.

Isang makabatang araw sa inyong lahat!

Article by: Issa Urra

Photos by: Mayee Fabregas / Jack TriƱo

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