The Negros Season of Culture

The Negros Season of Culture is a celebration of Negrense cultural traditions as expressed in various art forms. In 2020, it will include visual arts, culinary arts, film, and theatre.
Spearheaded by the Angelica Berrie Foundation, the Negros Season of Culture aims to bring Negrense arts and culture to the consciousness of the local community, and then share it with the rest of the world. Hence, the celebration’s tagline, “Rooted. Taking on the world.”
The vision of the Negros Season of Culture is to promote the cultural assets of our heritage and traditions, the unique identity of this province and the talent of its people.

We conceived of threading stories of creativity into one regional narrative, creating a platform for local, national, and global audiences to discover what makes Negros special.

The Negros Season of Culture is a messaging platform for a place-based brand of culture rooted in identity, speaking to the world in the universal language of Art and Culture, featuring creative innovators in unique settings that tell our story, beautiful rural landscapes and heritage homes that deserve to be preserved. 

There are many hidden gems in this province and we hope to bring them to life through the Negros Season of Culture. Connecting the
stories embedded in this place is the message of hope we want to ignite in this challenging time.

We hope everyone will join us to promote what we love about our identity, our culture and our home.


Catch the vision of the Negros Season of Culture!

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