The Spirit of Cinco de Noviembre

November 5, 1898, marked the start of the revolt of Negrenses against the Spanish colonial power in the province. Spain surrendered and the Negros Republic was born. Too bad, a Spanish armada was docked in the port of Manila, and so we were dragged into the Spanish-American War, also happening  around that time. Again, Spain surrendered and the Negros Republic was done. The Philippines was ceded to the United States.

November 5, or Cinco de Noviembre, remains a brilliant facet of Negrense history. In fact, we launched Negros Season of Culture on Cinco de Noviembre, 2020. But after three years of writing about war and bloodshed and revolution, we’re at our wit’s end finding new angles to retell the story of cannons made out of rolled bamboo mats.

Even then, we knew the spirit of Cinco de Noviembre will endure. It is one that inspires Integrity, Industry, and Innovation – three characteristics that have stood the Negrense in good stead through the years. Also, the indomitable tripod on which we’ve pegged our choice of stories to tell, here at Negros Season of Culture.

Being true to ourselves. Working hard. And creating something new without losing our identity. Integrity, Industry, and Innovation. We find these in all portrayals of heritage. And in this month, in this particular Cinco de Noviembre occasion, we gather around the table to talk about traditional food. Enough of bloodshed, let’s eat. Heritage Merienda teaches how to make native sweet delicacies. The Wide World of Ginamos maps out the geographical origins of this multi-dimensional Hiligaynon appeteaser. (Warning: Do not watch on an empty stomach.)

Intro article by: Alan Gensoli

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