Charming Chapels of Negros : Manggapuri Chapel / Kapilya San Miguel

With its silky hardwood floors and laid-back Zen ambience, Kapilya San Miguel has proven the perfect venue for many a “barefoot wedding.” But it is, first of all, a sanctuary of rest and restoration. With its wraparound views of the Canlaon mountain range and canopy of open sky, this seven-sided chapel in the Manggapuri wellness compound makes the trip up the cool-weather town of Don Salvador Benedicto worthwhile.

At sunset, vermilion light cuts through the glass walls of the seven-sided Kapilya San Miguel in Don Salvador Benedicto. A heptagonal monitor roof perched above the main roof allows light and air into the chapel and evokes a salakot crowning the structure.

The Kapilya San Miguel in Don Salvador Benedicto contains a minimal number of objects and pieces of furniture, the better to pull one’s attention to the 360-degree view of the surrounding countryside and mountains afforded by its glass walls.

At dusk, the Milky Way stretches over the Kapilya San Miguel in Don Salvador Benedicto. Located about one hour away from Bacolod City, at 700 meters above sea level, the Manggapuri grounds offer a spectacular view of the night sky and meteor showers.


Text By: Vicente Garcia Groyon

Photos By: John Kimwell Laluma

Video By: Grilled Cheese Studios

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