Negros Food Crawl: Bacolod Coffee & Sweets

Exploring the new coffee and pastry scene in the City of Smiles

Welcome to Negros Occidental, a province with an emerging coffee and pastry scene that is worth travelling for. And where else do we start but in the charming and capital city of Bacolod? From pastry shops to coffee shops, to a mix of both, it’s not easy to eat and sip our way through a long weekend here. That’s why we invited travel and food blogger Debbie Oca to lead us through a food crawl across seven innovative cafés in this smiling city.

Like a backstage pass to Bacolod’s growing coffee culture, Debbie introduces us to the passionate and dynamic entrepreneurs who opened their shops during the pandemic and in-between lockdowns. These individuals share their stories, values, and aspirations in line with their respective cafés. They may have come with different motivations, but they’ve all turned obstacles into opportunities because of two laudable traits: creativity and resilience.


Nestled in a quiet community, Ceramicaf is the neighborhood café that feels like home.

A crowd favorite at Ceramicaf, this is their iced white chocolate mocha.

Location, location, location! That is never truer than here. The uniqueness of Ceremicaf  begins in its address, a peaceful neighborhood nestled in a quiet subdivision where homeowners often walk their dogs, bike around, and stroll with their families. Ceramicaf used to be a family-owned ceramic store, hence the name. This café is an ideal place to grab mid-day coffee or enjoy rice bowls with family and friends, even co-workers. It’s a getaway for city folk needing a breather from the fast-paced workings of the day.

MOSS Coffee and Juice Bar

At Moss, hearty meals and refreshing drinks go hand-in-hand

Healthy doesn’t have to mean boring with cold-pressed juices and hearty meals at Moss

Because not all coffee drinkers want to drink coffee all the time, Moss makes sure it’s got the ground covered. This shop provides your daily caffeine and health juice fix. With a convenient takeaway window, Moss has been a recent favorite among those who like to grab-and-go refreshing drinks and appetizing eats. Beyond their coffee options, it offers cold-pressed juices that serve different purposes: for maximum health, for skincare, detox, and anti-inflammation.  


Come for the coffee, but stay for the laid back and calming vibes at Also.

A unique range of whole coffee beans are available at Also, where they can grind them to any size you want.

Also entertainment – from time to time, Also hosts events and partners with local talents, from DJs to tattoo artists, when health alert levels allow, of course. It’s fun to stop in this new café and chat with the young couple who owns it. This duo took a chance when they opened Also, a café that proudly uses local beans in their handcrafted beverages. With a unique aesthetic curated by the owners and their friends, Also banners creativity and collaboration.

19th Street Coffee

At 19th Street, good coffee is made convenient through their takeaway window.

Hola from 19th Street Coffee’s Spanish latté, their beloved take on this espresso-based drink


The nostalgia of drive-in service is not lost. Just as the name implies, 19th Street Coffee is conveniently located along the side of the road where you can order their espresso-based drinks curbside. Or, you can park in front of the café, order from your car, and then wait for your coffee to be brought to you – what a way to enjoy your favorite brew at a time of social distancing. And not just coffee, 19th Street also serves up variants of iced tea to boost your energy and really kick start your morning.


Have a slice of something sweet and custom with Git-go’s frozen cheesecake bar.

At Git-go, you’ll feel right at ease with their comfortable and welcoming setting.

A frozen cheesecake bar dares a city with its share of brownouts. That speaks volumes of the owners’ commitment to their brand. Git-go transforms the average cheesecake into a decadent dessert with endless options. It puts creative flair and a sincere love for desserts on full display with toppings customers can choose and combine. Sit awhile, much like a laid back lounge, Git-go hits the sweet spot when it comes to getting the decor, mood, and music just right to make you feel at home.


Look no further than KetoMom for freshly baked ketogenic/low carb treats in Bacolod.

Lose the sugar, not the taste with KetoMom’s ketogenic and diabetic-friendly meals and desserts.

In the land of diabetes, the sugar-free is king. Amid a mushrooming of health food choices in the city, KetoMom stands out with its menu of sugar-free desserts, This café promotes the ketogenic diet, which is low in carbs, with a broad range of meals and baked goods, even pizza! But the sugar-free dessert is the best value that KetoMom  brings to the table. Meanwhile, their exciting mix of cold and hot beverages will feel like a warm and comforting hug to perk up your morning.

Origami Café

A symbol of good fortune, sit and enjoy a cup of coffee under the colorful paper cranes at Origami Café.

Relax and unwind while you reminisce your happy campfire memories with a hot cup of campfire latte.

So Zen! Instagram-worthy, Origami is a Japanese-inspired café encased in a modern glass house. This coffee shop aims to immerse people in the Japanese culture of coffee-making and other art forms. With handcrafted menu items as calming as their minimalist and chill interiors, Origami offers a “Campfire” series that features their own take on drinks, like matcha latté. They also have bungeo-ppang or “carp bread”, a fish-shape pastry that originated from the Japanese taiyaki.  

Text By: Chaela Ruth Mirano
Photo and Video By: Debbie Oca and Neil Pelongco

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