Linutik with Malunggay Chimichurri Sauce by Chef BJ Uy

“Fusion is confusion,” his two mentors would say about merging cuisines from disparate cultures. And to think that they were German and Austrian, practically next-door neighbors. Meanwhile, Negrense Chef BJ Uy knows, the Filipino is the expat Latino in Southeast Asia, and bridging that wide cultural divide is next to impossible. Thankfully, Chef BJ is a good student. His inquisitive mind has inspired him to find home-grown dishes in Negros that have yet to see the light of day. Unearthing these, knowing their ingredients, securing their authenticity, and then and only then, modifying them into something for the world to delight on, is at the heart of Chef BJ’s kitchen philosophy. Take the Negrense heritage dish, Linutik. To it, Chef BJ adds Chimichurri Sauce. Nothing can be more Negrense-Latino, but Negrense first.

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