Pancit Molo Raviolo by Chef Don Colmenares

Presentation is paramount, so it is to Negrense Chef Don Colmenares. To be sure, no chef would even touch the topic of food presentation unless the intrinsic qualities of the dish are in place. To Chef Don, that runs the gamut of culinary cares, from picking fresh vegetables in his garden and selecting meats raised in his family’s farm, to knowing the point about the dish, its place in local family histories, and the heritage that it continues to keep for a people. That is why, when Chef Don’s plate is finally presented to the eyes, it is like watching a play poetically paced in acts. This artistic flair is in plain view when Chef Don reinterprets the classic Pancit Molo by ravishing the senses with a robust raviolo.

Design and Architecture

Cultural Experience

Art and Craft