Sous vide ballotine of Chicken Binakol

The palpable passion of Negrense Chef Nico De Asis Millanes is traced to a bloodline steeped in food. Born to a fishing business and raised among relatives who knew their way around the kitchen, Chef Nico has grown relentless about stoking the fire of culinary creativity that just doesn’t give up on work, nor give in to pressure. He apprenticed in a 3-Michelin Star restaurant in Paris because it was the hardest option available to him. That instantly brings to mind the words of JFK, “we do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” And just like that, Chef Nico takes the Chicken Binakol to the moon and back. Watch Chef Nico reissue this Negrense heritage soup with French technique and panache. The result? Voila!

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