The Department of Tourism (DOT) Region VI endorses “Negros Season of Culture”

February 22, 2021

        The Department of Tourism (DOT) Region VI hereby endorses “Negros Season of Culture”, a global messaging platform promoting heritage, handicrafts, food, cultural experience, people and art of Negros Occidental established by the Angelica Berrie Foundation. The Negros Season of Culture will showcase cultural experiences during this digital transition through alliances. It will feature innovators in unique settings that tell the Negrense story, creative industries, rural landscapes and heritage homes that need to be preserved.

        DOT Region VI, therefore, commits to share the year-long activities of “Negros Season of Culture,” to its social media platforms, allied agencies, Philippine embassies and consulates.

        As a DOT Region VI-endorsed event/program, this office authorizes “Negros Season of Culture” to include the DOT Region VI official logo, It’s More in the Philippines and Safely Experience Western Visayas First visual brands on all promotional materials and official communications.

Design and Architecture

Cultural Experience

Art and Craft