A Time to Plant. A Time to Grow


Inspired by the stages of toil in the sugar farm, in 2020 we planted the seed of a movement we now call Negros Season of Culture. “We conceived of threading stories of creativity into one regional narrative, creating a platform for local, national, and global audiences to discover what makes Negros special.”

In 2021 we will grow Negros Season of Culture. As we join the nation in marking the 500th year celebration of the coming of the Spaniards to our shores, our content will expand in depth and breadth. Our narratives will dig deep to find explanation behind customs, traditions, food, and crafts. There will be more stories to tell as expressions of Negrense heritage unravel and swell.

And we will reach far. The Negros Season of Culture will grow its community of believers and supporters. Here in the Philippines and throughout the world. We will be the conduit for collaborative work between talents in Negros Occidental and Filipino communities in Europe and the Americas. This, in realization of our vision to bring culture to commerce.

Rooted. Taking on the world.

Join us.

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