Welcome to the Negros Season of Culture Website!

The stories of our land are told in its changing seasons, the time when the future embraces the past. The video presents “Negros Season of Culture” as a digital cultural platform where we can virtually experience traditions and at the same time nurture ideas on how we can move Negros forward in the global community.

From the arts and cuisine, to our crafts and architecture, this is an online space where we take pride in our roots and secure our place in the world. Negros Season of Culture. It’s not just an online destination, it’s a celebration!

Director: Paolo Lindaya
Writer: Michelle Rivera
Production Manager: John Gilbert Arceo
Technical Director: Dominic Lindaya
Art Director: Rodolfo Paclibar Jr.
Props Master: Jack Trino
Food Stylist: Eugene Montealto
Wardrobe Master: Gkie Erebraren
Hair & Make Up: Carlos Durana