Snapshots of a Bazaar in the New Normal

May we go out again?
Yes, you may, but only with awareness, responsibility, and precaution.


Ronnie Baldonado is a “photo storyteller”. He snaps his camera not
necessarily for news, but for sure to tell a story without the use of words. Lately, he was seen taking great shots at the Food for the Soul Bazaar.

Set up on the sprawling lawn of Casa A. Gamboa in Silay City, Negros Occidental, the bazaar was held last November 20 and 21. For many in the tourism industry who are in hibernation mode, news of the bazaar was like floating a trial balloon. It helped that the province’s quarantine status is at a moderately low level, or MGCQ. But organizer Reena Gamboa didn’t leave things to chance. She requested the city’s Covid action team to help keep watch against behaviors that do not follow safety and health protocols.


 And so, only with awareness of the risks that continue to lurk, with responsibility towards the community’s health, and with precaution so every vendor and customer is compelled to behave correctly, we can begin to plan to step out again. Perhaps, the Department of Tourism should institute a new accreditation status beyond the usual stars.  Maybe now the public will be better served if we know that a hotel, resort, restaurant, or events venue like Casa A. Gamboa is “A Responsible Place”.

Here now, through the lens of Ronnie Baldonado, we take a peek into inching forward to the new normal.








Ronnie Baldonado

Photographs courtesy of Ronnie J. Baldonado. Text by Alan S. Gensoli.

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