Negros Season of Culture SPECIAL : Not an Angry Christ

In this video, Tats Manahan talks about the work of Alfonso Ossorio, in "Not an Angry Christ".

“Not an Angry Christ,’ a documentary re-visits the significance, symbolism and interpretation of the mural of Alfonso Ossorio, located in the Victorias Milling Corp.compound in Negros Occidental. The artist, son of VMC founder, Don Miguel Ossorio, was one of theearly artists of New York’s abstract expressionist movement, the art genre that moved the art capital of the world from Paris to New York.

The 160 square meter altar piece whose real title is “The Last Judgement,” at the Chapel of St. Joseph the Worker is popularly known as “The Angry Christ” because of the seemingly fierce countenance of the floor-to-ceiling Christ image. Further research during the on-going restoration of the chapel, the restoration team, headed by Liliane Rejante Manahan, unearths other profound meanings apart from the original research of Prof. Eric Torres in 1967, that debunks the popular monicker given the mural.

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