Tales of Sugarlandia : Mountains of Sugarlandia


Tales of Sugarlandia presented by Don Papa Rum  

Episode 3:  Mountains of Sugarlandia

Sugarlandia isn't always what it seems.  Beyond the sugarcane fields, to the east, majestic mountains rise from the ground to kiss the sky.  The spirit of mystery and magic lives in these mountains, where ancient ravines and rivers collide.  Embodied by the mighty volcano, Mt. Kanlaon, the spirit of Don Papa can be found here.  In this episode Don Papa Rum's host and "Man on the Ground" Ben Scharlin explores the mystical and magical mountains of Sugarlandia.

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Production Credits:
Writer, Producer, Host:  Ben Scharlin
Production Company: Aim High Productions and UnitA Creatives
Presented by: Bleeding Heart Rum Company

Special Thanks To:
Hon. Laurence Marxlen Dela Cruz
Dr. Albert Jo
Chef David Dadivas
Chef Gerry Grey Jr.
Jorilyn Impil-Fuentes
Chi Flores

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