Tales of Sugarlandia : Heritage Homes of Sugarlandia

Tales of Sugarlandia presented by Don Papa Rum 

Episode 1: Heritage Homes of Sugarlandia

Host and “Man on the Ground” Ben Scharlin explores the city where the Sugar Industry in Sugarlandia was born, a city that led the revolution against the Spanish during colonial times, a city nicknamed "The Paris of Negros Island" because it's considered the cultural, intellectual and heritage hub of the Island. In this episode, we explore the history and the heritage homes of the City of Silay.

Production Credits: Writer, Producer, Host: Ben Scharlin Production Company: Aim High Productions and UnitA Creatives Presented by: Bleeding Heart Rum Company Special Thanks To: Lorenzo Locsin Solomon Locsin Reena Gamboa Lynn Gamboa Chell Jimenez Location Links: Balay Negrense: https://www.balaynegrense.com Balay Puti: https://www.facebook.com/balayputi6116 Casa A. Gamboa: https://www.facebook.com/Casa-A-Gamboa-106156877409282 German Unson Heritage House: https://www.facebook.com/germanunsonheritagehouse


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