“DALAYON” - Year Ender Activities at the Negros Museum

Despite the difficult times brought by this pandemic, we are still happy and proud to be standing tall continuing our mission to be the home of the most relevant stories that are significant to our Negrense history – stories that have passed on through many generations and those that primarily reflect the Negrense values of resiliency and hardwork.

All through the years, we have proven that we are not merely an organization that serves itself but rather an institution that commits to engage communities and create programs that pave the way for opportunities, not just to local artists and cultural workers, but specially to the youth and the children of Negros—for we owe to their generation the future and the preservation of our rich culture and heritage

Dalayon reiterates the contribution and role of the museum as part of the community's recovery and healing, one individual at a time, especially in these challenging times.


The Panakayon sa Negros Museum is an interactive tour designed to provide cultural enrichment to young audiences in order to experience and learn, in an educationally enjoyable environment, through exhibits, games, performances, food, and hands-on activities that will engage young visitors and stimulate their imagination.

The “Tuklas” (TulongKaalamanSenter) of the Negros Museum created this exciting adventure for grade school and high school students by way of introducing art, culture, and history in an entertaining and educational manner that would mark a child’s first (or succeeding) visit to the museum as significant and memorable.

Panakayon aims to serve as a developmental tool for students in exploring and understanding culture and heritage through an experiential tour designed to complement different ages and year levels with varying choice activities, highlighted by five exciting components, which include BIYAHE (Trip), PALAGWA-ON (Performance),  HAMPANG (Games), ABUBOT (Handicrafts) and PAGKAON (Delicacies).

The Panakayon Online: Journey into Culture, Heritage, Tradition and Artsis The Negros Museum’s response to address the challenge of making its content available to its audiences as visits and field trips to museums are prohibited because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Panakayon Online was launched last September 1, 2020 with support from Cultural Center of the Philippines, through the CCP Outreach KaisasaSining Regional Arts Center Partnership, and in line with its Kalinga ng Sining Program.

Adapting its format using the digital platform, Panakayon features Negrense history, heritage, culture and artistic practicesthrough a set of online segments and activities that aims to highlight, revisit, and revitalize, as well as engage and educate various audiences and communities.


1.    HANDURAW – to “re-imagine”, features fun facts about Negros places and spaces, as well as introduces traditional Hiligaynon words to educate both young and not-so-young, and help bridge memories of yesterday to today.

2.    PA-AMBIT – to “to share”, focuses on prominent Negrense artists that have relevant contributions in the field of theatre, film, literature, music, dance, and visual arts. The aim of the segment is to share their art journey and experiences and to inspire the next generation of Negrense artists.

3.    HINAMPANG – meaning “games”, introduces brain teasers inspired by a mix of traditional and contemporary games translated in an online platform where virtual audiences can join, interact, and open discussions

4.    TALABUAN – meaning “marketplace”,promotes local products, artistic works, and initiatives that are proudly Negrense

5.    SILANG – meaning “see through”, highlights the life stories of the people behind the scenes (the white pillars which is one of the most prominent feature of The Negros Museum building)who promote, organize, and support arts and cultural initiatives to help in the preservation and promotion of Negrense culture, as well as create initiatives to educate and engage local communities.

For more information on PANAKAYON ONLINE, follow The Negros Museum page at https://www.facebook.com/TheNegrosMuseum

As part of the Negros Season on Culture, The Negros Museum will be launching the following:


Live performances, especially theatre productions, have been strongly impacted by the COVID19 pandemic.  Many stage plays all over the country have been postponed and cancelled; while some theatre groups attempt to migrate their performances online. However, nothing beats the experience of watching a live theatre performance.

The Negros Museum, in partnership with The Performance Laboratory, Inc.,  will launch The Blackbox Presents with weekly staged readings of plays written by emerging Negrense playwrights. “AngMga Raga Raga” features four short plays—Roger Joshua Venzal’s“Kabig” (Take); VeniseBuenaflor’s“Tuhoy” (Choice); Racine Genada’s“Panaguay” (Hide and Seek) and Noel Pahayupan’s“Angan” (Perhaps)—that tackle current and relevant societal issues incorporating stories of realities brought by the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.


Dates:  November 13, 20, 27 (Fridays) 5:30 pm
Venue: The Blackbox Theater, The Negros Museum
Limited Seats Available for Reservation.
For more information and reservations, call (034) 708-5080 or message https://www.facebook.com/perflab.official


A story telling session derived from the “Ang Mga Istoryani BAO” interactive tour of The Negros Museum. Adapting to the “new normal” this segment will be the newest addition to our current program, “Panakayon Online”, translating our usual face-to-face storytelling portion into an online platform with the fusion of exploratory and multi-sensorial experience for children in the form of colorful illustrations and use of puppetry. The stories will feature the Filipino and Negrense core values integrating Toto and Inday as role models, and BAO as our icon, storyteller, and companion.

Dates:  November 14, 21, 28, December 5 (Saturdays) 9:00 am
Follow: https://www.facebook.com/TheNegrosMuseum and
BAO (facebook/IG is @baotheunbowedcarabao)


Since   the   1980’s,   Negros   is   known   for   its   contribution   in
Philippine Cinema when Peque Gallaga directed Oro, Plata, Mata. In those times,   Gallaga   brought   his   team   of   Negrense   artists   to   Manila   who pursued careers in the different areas of film, television and advertising.

In 1991, Peque Gallaga together with other Negrense decided to
give  back  to  Negros  the talents  and  experience  they  have  acquired  in Manila,  and so the Negros Summer Workshops was born. The Negros Summer Workshops offered classes in Film Production, Cinematography, Production   Design,   Acting,   and   Production   Managenemt,   that   would culminate in the Piaya Awards which featured the collaborative short film outputs of the participants. This in turn produced a new batch of young creative prodigies to the film industry, under mentorship of Director Peque Gallaga, who are at present pursuing careers in the industry and making waves in film competitions in other countries.

In 2012, Negros Summer Workshops closed on the retirement of
Peque. This short lull on the film movement in Negros paved the way to the   establishment   of   the   Bacollywood   Workshops   and   the   Bakunawa Workshops,   these   initiatives   continued   to   develop   potential   filmmakers and produce films in a smaller scale. Their outputs are also included and curated   within   the   Cinema   Rehiyon   Programming   of   the   National Commission   for   Culture   and   the   Arts (NCCA)   in   different   part   of   the
country, and other local festivals like the Cine Kasimanwa West Visayas Film Festival held in Iloilo.

Other initiatives like the Kahirup Film Festival of Silay City and
the Sine Agustino of CSA-B Film Competition have been sprouting in the past   years   as   well   as   the   Bakunawa   Film   Workshops   extending   its outreach   to   San   Carlos,   Bago   and   other   communities   with   NCCA Outreach, and the establishment of the Univesity of St. La Salle’s Institute for Moving Image (IMI).

The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) saw the significance of sustaining the progression of the culture of cinema in the Island through the construction of a Cinematheque at The Negros Museum, and the conceptualization of a Negros Island Film Festival that would encourage a new breed of film makers to find their voice as Negrenses, telling their own stories through film.

Themed “Negrense New Wave,” the Sine Negrense: Negros Island Film Festival, was launched in 2017 with a two-part thrust, Artistic Development,to develop the competency of filmmakers in all aspects of the film process, and Audience Development, to broaden the taste and critical thinking of the local movie goers.

With the competition theme, “Fuel to burning passion,” Sine Negrense aims to bring out a new generation of filmmakers and enthusiasts, as well as cultivate an informed public on the importance of cinema and storytelling in terms of national identity, culture, and heritage.

Filmmaking as an industry is one of the worst hit industries amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and just when budding film makers in this side of town were given the avenue to showcase their films through the Sine Negrense Film Festival, COVID entered the scene and everything came to a halt.

Regional filmmakers, just like everyone, had to stay home as told and producing films for the 4th Sine Negrense Film Festival was on a lockdown. Without the films, organizers had to postpone the festival to 2021 and in lieu of the annual screening and awards night, there will be Sine Negrense Online (SNO) where winning entries and directors of the initial three years of the festival will be featured, as well as their Behind-the-Scene Experiences during pre-COVID shoots. One of the highlights of the SNO are online testimonials from filmmakers on how Peque Gallaga's works influenced theirs as young Negrense story tellers, through their own film.

Sine Negrense Online will be complimented with open air film screening at the The Negros Museum Courtyard, if weather permits.

Dates: November 25-28, 2020
Open Air Film Screening will have Limited Seats Available for Reservation.
For more information and reservations, call (034) 708-5080 or message https://www.facebook.com/SineNegrense .


Museum Tours

Following IATF guidelines, The Negros Museum accommodates small tours by reservation and appointment only to control the number of visitors at any given time. Health and safety protocols (such as social distancing, wearing of masks, foot bath, and entrance with thermal scanners) shall be strictly implemented.

Museum as a Venue
The museum also opens its spaces to cater to cultural and artistic activities through its creative hub with the aim to gather artists and art enthusiasts.

In addition, its beautiful spaces can also cater intimate celebrations, recitals, special events, and even video/photo shoots.

For more information and reservations, call (034) 708-5080 or message https://www.facebook.com/TheNegrosMuseum


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Cultural Experience

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