A Negrense Recipe Handed Down From Generations

Ading’s Gourmet Tuyo is not your ordinary gourmet tuyo. Chef April shared the story behind the first shredded gourmet tuyo I have tried. She said that her Lola has always been very hands-on. When they were still little, every time they would harvest watermelons in their farm, her Lola would take out the seeds for them so that they can eat at ease. The same thing goes when they eat tuyo. It was originally her Lola’s recipe and it was always present in their family gatherings. Since her mom loves capers and olives, Chef April tried to add the said ingredients to her Lola’s recipe. Eventually, her friends told her “Why not put it in a bottle and sell it?” That gave birth to Ading’s Gourmet Tuyo. She worked on the product’s packaging and treats that as her main contribution for the coming about of Ading’s Gourmet Tuyo. Chef April is confident enough to say that it doesn’t contain any preservatives.

Being both a Lacson and a Gonzaga, Chef April confessed to be a certified foodie. She owns restaurants where she displays her products. She’s very proud to say that all her products are authentic family recipes. Her latest is the Chorizo de Gonzaga which is her Tita’s recipe.

Ading’s Gourmet Tuyo is now on its 3rd year. You can choose between regular and spicy variants. Chef April suggested ways on how customers can enjoy her Gourmet Tuyo. She said that it’s actually good with pasta, salad, and toasted crostini. However, she still thinks that it’s best with rice – the most Pinoy way of eating it.  Ading’s Gourmet Tuyo can also serve as an appetizer. Chef April said that you can spread it on French bread and add kesong puti for it to be like a Pinoy Canapé.

Chef April is very proud of her Gourmet Tuyo which has already won 2 awards. It won the Savor Negrense Award at the Panaad sa Negros Festival 2015 where 19 municipalities and 13 cities joined and only one winner was declared and that is Ading’s Gourmet Tuyo. It was also acknowledged as the grand winner for the deli category of the 26th Bulawan Awards of the Association of Negros Producers in August 2016.

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